Lotus flower moss wall art


Handmade eco-friendly lotus wall artwork with moss beautiful and unique decor for your yoga room or studio

You can order Lotus in different sizes:

Small – 28×45 cm/ 11″x18″
Large – 45×80 cm/18″x31″

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Eco-friendly, beautiful and unique Lotus flower. You will not find a similar product anywhere else. This piece of art is handmade, we will make your Lotus especially for you.

Lotus wall decor made of plywood and natural green moss, hand painted with acrylic paint. On the photo lotus painted with the gold color, but also we offer different colors for your choice: silver, white, black, dark wood.

The natural green moss inside the Lotus does not require any maintenance and gives a breath of fresh air to any urban space!
On the back side of the lotus, there is a hole for hanging on the wall. Thanks to the shape it is also freestanding.

If you need Lotus in other sizes, just let us know please, and we will give you more information if it is possible.

Moss have incredible visual appeal and provide numerous benefits such as:

Naturalizing Spaces
Soothing the Senses
Revitalizing Indoor Air
The green color and lush texture of live moss create a truly soothing and therapeutic visual effect

To keep your Lotus moss wall decor green for a long time we recommend the following:

Don’t put it outside in direct sunlight, or it will be scorched;
Don’t put it up in a dry area
You shouldn’t put it near heating or air conditioning vents. The blasts of hot or cold dry air will ruin it.
Don’t put it where it might get wet (near running water, spigots, sinks, fountains, etc.).

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